пятница, 23 августа 2013 г.

Russian enlarger lenses Industar 50u & 96u using as macro on DSLR

Do you know that you can use enlarger lenses as macro on DSLR? Today I show you Industar 50u (7-15$ on ebay) attached on Nikon D700 using M39 to M42 ring (1$ on ebay) and M42 to Nikon F bayonet adapter (1,5$ on ebay)

 Industar 50u

Attached on Nikon D700

Attached with tele converter 2x

Full frame, not cropped
With tele converter
Full frame, not cropped

Summary this is very cheap macro lens, you can use it on your camera, you need only adapter from m39 screw to your camera mount. Lens has no focusing mechanism, you have to move the camera to focusing,  diaphragm 3.5-11. You can increase macro level using extended tubes.
Good luck!

четверг, 22 августа 2013 г.

3M-5A MTO-500 Manual - Инструкция к объективу ЗМ-5А МТО-500

How to fix Nikon Coolpix p7000 lens cover problem

My Nikon Coolpix P7000 lens cover looks not works:

Today I got bored and I decided to fix it:

Well, the lens and cover unit cleaned of dust and now you need to connect everything in reverse order.
But my cover still not work properly after cleaning, the problem is probably in the weaker springs. I decided to completely remove the lens cover unit, and later I plan to stick 40.5mm UV filter to protect the lens from dust.  Now my camera looks like:

I ordered the 40.5mm UV on ebay and then stick it on the ring and my camera would look like:

 If you're a little afraid to disassemble the lens, you can always order a new lens unit, you can find it on ebay

Added at October 08 2013 

 Today I received the uv filter 40.5mm (2.55$ on ebay) and decide to stick it to protect the lens from dust. Now my camera looks not very nice, but I hope practical, filter glass is very easy to wipe.

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